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Introducing M3 Life Sciences!

Science + the ECS

Scientific studies in Spain, Hungary and China indicate that: "...the main physiological function of the cutaneous ECS is to constitutively control the proper and well-balanced proliferation, differentiation and survival, as well as immune competence and/or tolerance, of skin cells. The disruption of this delicate balance might facilitate the development of multiple pathological conditions and diseases of the skin (e.g. acne, seborrhea, allergic dermatitis, itch and pain, psoriasis, hair growth disorders, systemic sclerosis and cancer)."

In other words: Cannabinoids in the dermis, signal and regulate healthy skin function - which shows in the elasticity, smoothness and overall appearance of your complexion! ​

Welcome to M3 Life Sciences, a company founded by visionaries who even 25 years ago, could see that the only sustainable future is one based on a renewable, affordable, healing plant: Hemp. 


Today we are experiencing a rEVOLution - but this is different than other revolutions of the past. Why? Because it's rooted in empowering people with Truth, Health, Wellness and Sustainability. We are inviting you to join the revolution as we boost the economy, create jobs, help people heal and create sustainable materials!


We are tired of the stigma surrounding cannabis sativa and the lies that were created to control us. There is so much evidence that Cannabinoids are not just healthy, but essential to our wellbeing and fortunately today, we are witnessing the sale of CBD products all over the World.  In the USA, Cannabinoids are no longer considered schedule 1 drugs. In fact, they are highly valuable molecules that bring your body back to balance, reducing inflammation, relieving pain, helping you sleep, relieving anxiety and supporting healthy skin function. They are your best ally against disease!



In case you hadn't heard, the Human Endo-Cannabinoid System "ECS" -discovered 30 years ago by an Israeli scientist - contains a network of receptors for these miraculous molecules. Our skin is extremely important to our health; it is the largest organ after all, and now the unfolding discoveries of what CBD can do for the cutaneous ECS is nothing short of amazing.

Not All CBD is The Same

(and neither are the companies that produce it!)

Here's how we differentiate ourselves:

1) We choose the healthiest and most potent hemp from farmers who grow legally and organically under the 2018 USDA hemp act; 

2) We process the hemp into rich, potent oils in cGMP and ISO 9000 certified labs to Pharmaceutical standards. (NOTE: very few companies do this)

3) We produce unique formulas with other potent botanical and medicinal herbs known for their positive health benefits;

4) We use only Natural, and wherever possible, Organic ingredients;

5) We make CLEAN products and do not use any toxic ingredients such as Parabens, Pthalates, BPA, BHA, PEGs, SLS, Sulphates, Triclosan etc.;

6) We add Patented Probiotics that balance the skin's microbiome; (we are the first to do this with CBD and Probiotics)

7) We use a Patented encapsulation technology that protects, and time-releases the cannabinoids whist also preserving them for longer shelf-life;

8) We do third-party, CAT 3 testing on both the cbd oil and our products, ensuring they are safe and free from contaminants. (NOTE: very few companies do both of these);

9) We have a team of Scientists, Doctors and Formulators with 80 years of combined healthcare experience who are on the cutting-edge, and who are already creating new and highly unique products that we will release in the coming 24 months! 

10) We have a passionate and accomplished, World-Class executive team who have many successful exits under their belts.


Let's talk

Kate Rolston, CEO

Info@m3.life | +1.917.523.8701 


M3 Life Sciences: Copyright, 2019. All Rights Reserved |.Info@m3.life | +1.917.523.8701 

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